1. narrow, prejudiced, biased, bigoted; warped, twisted, jaundiced, partial, arbitrary, one-sided, opinionated, prepossessed; sexist, racist, anti-Semitic, discriminative, discriminatory; close-minded, closed, intolerant, illiberal, unreasonable; insular, parochial, provincial, Sociol. ethnocentric; limited, confined, constricted, unliberal, uncatho-lic; little-minded, small-minded, meanminded; blind, myopic, near-sighted, short-sighted, purblind, wearing blinders or blinkers, not able to see beyond the end of one's nose; deaf, unhearing, deaf to reason or new ideas; uncharitable, ungenerous, uncondoning, unfor-bearing, unsympathetic, unindulgent, inhospitable, inconsiderate, disobliging, undetached, undispassionate; snobbish, unfriendly, xenophobic, misanthropic, cynical.
2. conservative, opposed to change, dogmatic, fanatical, authoritarian, doctrinaire; die-hard, reactionary, know-nothing, ultra-conservative; rigorous, stiff, stiff-backed, stiff-necked, rigid, hidebound, creedbound, locked-in, non-objective; obstinate, obdurate, intransigent, unyielding, uncompromising, immovable, intractable; firm, fixed, rooted, settled, unchanging, set in one's ways, traditional, conventional, orthodox, fundamentalist; unprogressive, oldfash-ioned, strait-laced, Inf. stuffy, Sl. square, Sl. straight; prudish, priggish, puritanical, prim, proper; middle-American, middle-class, bourgeois, Inf. rednecked, self-righteous, smug, complacent, sanctimonious; petty, mean, small, petty-minded, mean-minded, mean-spirited.
3. ultranationalist, superpatriotic, isolationist, chauvinistic, jingoistic, partisan; (all of politics) right-wing, rightist, Birchist, Birchite, Bourbonian, Hunkerous, Tory, Toryish.

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